We serve various business needs of High Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics customers :

Early Adoption – Xeon Phi™ – We have an expert team specialized on Parallelizing applications using Intel® Many Core CPU – Xeon Phi™ and Multi-core CPUs in a clustered environment. We are equipped with a State-of-the-Art in-house HPC infrastructure using latest Intel® Xeon™ Processors and Xeon Phi™, Intel® Compilers and Tools. We offer the following services :

  • Application Parallelization Services
  • Enable Xeon Phi™ for Already-Parallel Applications
  • Bench-marking / Performance Measurements
  • Training on Xeon Phi™ – Architecture, Programming Models, Optimization
  • Provide Test-bed for potential new HPC Customers to explore/experiment

Design and Implementation – With strong partnerships already in place with leading HPC Hardware/Software OEMs such as IBM®, Lenovo®, Fujitsu®, Intel® and Mellanox®, we architect solutions for customer specific requirements and deploy using latest generation CPUs, Memory, Interconnect and Storage. We can enhance your existing infrastructure with HW/SW for maximizing RoI.

Tuning and Optimization – Getting the best possible performance from an HPC solution requires fine tuning. We work with customers to optimize both new and existing HPC clusters to meet specific workload requirements. Our experienced HPC consultants will work with you to eliminate IO bottlenecks; re-architect network interconnects and update HPC software stacks to the latest versions, ensuring that your cluster provides optimum performance.

Training – High Performance Computing (HPC) involves the utilization of the most powerful computer systems to advance the frontiers of science and engineering. Many, perhaps most, HPC users have or are pursuing formal education in a scientific or engineering discipline and are (or will become) self-taught programmers. Our aim is to provide training for a continuum of high performance computing environments that span desktop computing capabilities to the highest-end of computing facilities offered by HPC centers. All the courses incorporate both lectures and extensive hands-on sessions. Programming exercises are carefully designed to reinforce concepts and techniques taught in class. Our Instructors have strong technical backgrounds and are available for individual consultation, including help with participants’ own coding needs. Read More.

Rent-Our-Cluster – This service is for potential new HPC customers who want to try their new applications/ benchmark their applications on our in-house Infrastructure.
The motivation for this service is to enable access to compute-intensive jobs to the compute power they need (limited to available capacities on our cluster) over short period of time. This is designed for Engineers and Scientists who need processing power or results soon. Rent our Cluster today and get expert support along with it. Interested? Send a mail to rent-a-cluster@calligotech.com

Support – Customers have options of both basic mail and extended support. Extended support warranties a response time for resolution of issues.
First level – helps users to solve basic issues such as: starting an account, checking requirements on the client side, providing users with instructions to run applications, answering questions regarding accounting and billing, etc….
System level – helps users with login, storage, performance issues, software environment, interaction with the user’s IT team, interaction with ISVs for license and installation of application patches, etc,…
Developer level – customization of the software environment, as needed, either after a bug report or upon the customer’s request.