Smart City

Under the Smart City Program being driven across many countries, many solutions that address the needs of Citizens integrated into this program, one of the important needs is the Citizen-friendly Surveillance Solution.
Calligo Intelligent Surveillance system (CIS2) is an advanced security system that uses a combination of technologies, such as computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to monitor and analyze video footage from cameras in real time. These systems are designed to be highly efficient and accurate, allowing them to detect and track objects or people, identify suspicious behavior, and alert security personnel of potential threats.
One of the key advantages of the Calligo Intelligent Surveillance system (CIS2) is increased levels of security. These systems are able to detect and alert security personnel of potential threats, such as intruders or suspicious behavior, in real time, allowing for a quick response to any potential security breaches. Additionally, these systems can be integrated with other security systems, such as access control and alarm systems, to provide a more comprehensive security solution.
Another advantage of CIS2 is increased efficiency. These systems can be programmed to automatically detect and track specific objects or people, reducing the need for human surveillance. This can help to free up security personnel to focus on other tasks and can also reduce the risk of human error. Combined with Calligo Intelligent Data Analytics Platform (CIDAP), CIS2 will have the ability to analyze and store large amounts of data, which can be used to create detailed reports and conduct forensic analysis. This can be useful for identifying patterns of behavior, tracking suspects, and gathering evidence for investigations.
The integration of facial recognition technology into Intelligent Surveillance systems can provide an additional layer of security, increasing the overall effectiveness of the system. This technology uses advanced algorithms and computer vision to analyze and compare images of faces, allowing the system to identify and match individuals in real time. 
This feature can be used to enhance security in a variety of ways, such as creating a database of known individuals, such as employees or authorized personnel, and cross-referencing this database with live camera footage to identify and track them. This can be useful for access control systems, allowing only authorized individuals to enter restricted areas. 
Additionally, this can be used to identify and track individuals who may pose a security risk, such as criminals or individuals on a watch list, as well as individuals in a crowd, which can be useful for monitoring large events or public spaces.