Weather & Climate

With the significant climate changes that our World is going through everyday, study of atmospheric science ( both Chemistry and Physics ) with a focus on Weather forecasting has become a prime importance at every national level.
Accurate and reliable weather forecasting requires the use of complex mathematical models to simulate the behavior of the Earth’s atmosphere and predict future weather patterns. These models involve a large number of calculations that must be performed with a high degree of accuracy in order to produce reliable forecasts.
One way that higher precision arithmetic can be used to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts is by reducing the impact of rounding errors. As weather forecasting models involve many calculations with numbers of different magnitudes, the use of higher precision arithmetic can help to reduce the accumulation of errors and improve the accuracy of the final forecast.
The quantum of data that is captured and processed through HPC Servers is humongous. Dedicated algorithms are deployed to carry out mathematical computation using these data and accurately predict the weather for pre defined periods.
POSIT based computation helps in higher levels of accuracy for Weather prediction simulation and also provide faster response/turnaround time to scientist.