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Global leader in smart waste solutions

Our Mission

We aim to improve the efficiency of modern urban waste management with developed smart city solutions and sustainable approach!

Our Vision

Leverage a unique integrated software and hardware system that provides meaningful insights to drive more informed decisions.

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Waste motnitoring



Why Choose Us

The perfect smart waste solution for every smart city

Years of battery life

Our monitoring unit can be retrofitted to your existing conveyor belts without modification.

Global coverage

Our self-learning AI technology, able to thoroughly analyse material composition across your facility.

Cost-effective solution

Our data analytics dashboard gives you the reliable data you need to validate your decisions.

On-going support

we provide continued support and optimisation with our team of experts.

Efficient waste management in your building

Bin-e optimizes waste management in your facility, allowing you to save costs, time and labour. It ensures precisely sorted raw material through automatic recognition and segregation. Thanks to the compression of plastic and paper the frequency of emptying the bins is reduced by half.

01Understand the dynamics of waste production

02Collect only full bins and containers

03Adjust bin capacity and distribution

04Eliminate overflowing bins

04Eliminate overflowing bins

05Provide a better quality of service

06Face growing demands on waste management


Smart IoT solution for Urban waste Save costs and be sustainable

Waste Monitoring solution combines Smart Sensors, Smart Waste Management System and Citizen App. The Smart Sensors use ultrasound technology to measure the fill levels in bins.


waste collection


service & cleaning


saved recyclables

Drive better, data-backed decisions with scalable automated waste analysis

When you’re able to identify, monitor and analyse waste composition at scale, you’ll no longer have to rely on manual spot sampling to understand the true value of your material.

By tagging all bins and containers you identify and record all assets (bins) in a digital inventory in the Smart Waste Management System, powerful cloud-based platform. RFID features enable automatic service verifications and automatic update of the bin database.

Get a proof-of-service

Simple bin tracking, communication and invoicing

Connected devices provide waste managers with all of the data they need

Optimize cost of waste collection

With fewer routes required and less man-hours needed, waste collection organizations can optimize the cost of waste collection.

Only collect full containers

When fill-levels of all containers can be seen at once, organizations can create routes that only pickup full containers.

Plan collect route

It will also automatically plan the most efficient collection routes so that no time or money is wasted on empty and half-empty containers.

We create software to help you better understand, optimize, and reduce your waste

Whether you manage a global enterprise, independent business, city, or hauler operation, AI Lab has the right solutions to improve your current processes and help you meet your sustainability goals.

Modern & Transparent Take-Back System

Modern & User-friendly tools simplify everyday tasks for all and let you focus on what is important – save waste from ending up in a dump. Benefit from cost savings, transparent waste streams, reliable data collection, quick & easy workflows, and more.

Automated waste logistics for manufacturing

AI Labs offers a comprehensive, smart waste management solution using industry leading cloud-based software connected to the latest IoT smart sensor and smart bin technology. Our integrated line of products includes:

Worldwide partnerships to end waste

Faced with increasing demand and opportunity beyond North America, we are actively engaging with businesses, haulers, and city governments around the world to advance our efforts to end waste.

Market Leading Smart Waste Platform. Deployed in 50+ Countries

We are global

We work together with partners all over the world. Want to get in touch with our partner in your conutry? Feel free to contact us.


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