Calligo is pleased to announce a FREE 1-Day workshop on Basics of Parallel Programming on Intel® Multi-core and Many-core Processor based systems. This workshop is scheduled to be delivered in multiple Indian cities, targeted at Technical Institutions.

The workshop, sponsored by Intel® is designed and presented by Calligo Technologies in collaboration with Intel®. It contains materials and hands-on lab exercises appropriate for developers to begin their journey in Parallel Programming. It covers basic concepts about OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing), MPI (Message Passing Interface), Hybrid Programming and gives exposure to Intel® Tools, for effective Parallel Programming.

The targeted audience would be Pre-Final and Final Year Engineering students with strong ‘C’ programming knowledge and the interested faculty, from all branches of Engineering.

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Workshop Content Outline:

Morning Session:
Introductory Video from Intel®
Introduction to Shared & Distributed Memory Architectures, Multi-core & Many-Core CPUs
Introduction to Parallel Programming and Techniques
Introduction to OpenMP, including features on 4.0
Hands-on Lab Exercises covering concepts of OpenMP

Introduction to MPI – Structure of MPI Programs, Rank, Group, Communications
MPI Data Types, Communications
Master-Slave MPI applications, Performance analysis
Debugging Parallel Applications
Hybrid Programming
Hands-on Lab exercises covering concepts of MPI

Afternoon Session
Intel® Compilers and Tools
Introduction to Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition 2015, Composer XE, Libraries (MKL, TBB, etc)
Analysis tools – VTune™ Amplifier XE, MPI diagnostics – Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector